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Are You Sitting Straight?


Even if you're not a dressage rider, it's still important to sit straight and square in the saddle. Can you tell if you're collapsing at your waist and sitting crookedly? Ask a ground person to stand behind you and have them answer the following questions: Is your seat in the center of the saddle so that each seatbone is the same distance … Read More >

Put Your Horse in Front of Light Leg Aids


Make sure your horse reacts to light leg aids. Your goal is to “whisper” with your aids and have your horse “shout” his response—Not the other way around! To check that your horse reacts to light leg aids: Close both legs and see if he immediately responds with a surge from behind as if he’s going to do a lengthening. If he doesn’t, … Read More >

From Indy


I have the most beautiful buff colored coat. It's soft and sleek in the summer, when I'm done shedding. Jane and Rhett like to brush me, making my silky hair shine. I love to be brushed. It's one of the loving things they do for me that helps me to know they love me. Do you have people in your life whom you love? I'll bet you do. How do you show … Read More >

From Moshi


Black and white. Yes and no. Up and down. Sickness and health. Positive and negative.... We live in a world of contrast. It's the duality of Nature that makes up our physical world. Without that contrast, we wouldn't be able to perceive. It's in knowing dark that we can recognize light. It's in being able to experience silence that we can hear … Read More >