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From Indy


The barn's big gray cat told me a fascinating story today. He said he heard it from a little bird, who assured him that the story is absolutely true. It seems one day the bird was sitting in a tree when two tiny angels landed on a nearby branch to watch what was going on with a couple of people arguing under the tree. The angels were very … Read More >

From Moshi


I don't remember my mom very much. I remember her being warm and snuggly, and very tall. I suppose I'm taller than she was, now, but I'll always remember her towering over me. Her size and gentle strength made me feel safe. I never met my dad. I hear that I look a lot like him, though. Are you like your mom and dad? Most people are. … Read More >

Waltzing from dressage to the ballroom


Sidelines Magazine just did a fun article for their August issue about my "waltzing from dressage to the ballroom". Enjoy! Click here to read the article! … Read More >

7 Tips For An Inviting Contact


If you want to ride your horse on the bit, you need to be sure that you offer an inviting, sympathetic contact. After all, he’s not going to want to step into a contact that “punishes” him. Here’s a checklist for you to go through to make sure you offer your horse good contact. Firm - When you pick up the reins, feel your horse’s hind legs … Read More >