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From Indy

Oooo my tooth got tugged on today, and I'm really in pain! I accidentally hooked my big left canine tooth on Geoffrey's collar while we were playing, and it almost got pulled out. I think it's going to be okay, but it sure did hurt! Jane says I have to go to the doggie dentist. I hate the dentist. Do you? I hear most people really fear the … Read More >

From Moshi

Honesty is an interesting concept. Most of us horses are truly honest. We don't know how to be any other way. But people, well, not so much. Most people believe they are honest. But often humans are simply justifying their behavior and calling it honesty. If they really looked at what was going on, they'd probably realize they were either … Read More >

From Moshi Issue 83

Responsibility. It's a big part of life. Jane tells her students that their horses should be responsible for their own gaits. They shouldn't repeatedly ask or nag at their horses, or they'll just get tuned out and ignored. She says your horse should respond to the first request, and should maintain his or her gait until asked to do something … Read More >

From Indy Issue 83

I got in trouble today. I was home alone when I smelled the most wondrous smell! I know I shouldn't, but I put my paws up on the kitchen counter and there it was! An entire chicken! It was frozen, but it smelled so good! Before I could stop and think about what I was doing, I grabbed it and pulled it onto the floor. I shredded the plastic and was … Read More >