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From Indy


I want to be a bronco. I want to buck and kick and wildly throw cowboys off my back. Jane says I'm too small to be a bucking bronco, but that doesn't stop my desire. I really want to be in a rodeo and show how powerful I am!! Jane is big on doing everything we can to fulfill our dreams, no matter what they are. She told a friend about my desire … Read More >

From Moshi


From where my stall is situated, I can see outside to the green grass turnout pens, the main house, the inside water fountain, the wash area, and the tack room. From where my neighbor's stall is situated, he sees Paz's play area full of colorful toys, the hot walker, the wash area, the sand arena, and the gravel driveway. I say our barn is … Read More >

How To Discourage Pulling


Does your horse yank you out of the saddle every few strides? If you find that happening in the walk and canter, first make sure you’re following the natural forward and back motion of your his head and neck. You don’t want to block your horse with stiff elbows. If you don’t follow his neck motion by opening and closing your elbows, he might … Read More >

From Moshi


I was watching someone work with a frightened young pony today. The pony had never been handled before and was terrified. The person was using a clicker and treats to help him get over his fear, and was teaching him how to think before he reacted out of his natural fight or flight instincts. The scared little pony learned fast and made a great deal … Read More >