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From Indy

I am the King of the Forest! Okay, maybe I'm just the King of the Pasture. But it's fun to pretend. I can imagine all the other animals being in awe of me as I sneak around in the bush, ready to pounce. When I was a puppy, I wasn't afraid of anything. I had never been hurt, and everything I needed had always been provided for me. I was fearless … Read More >

From Indy

In dog years, I'm a teenager. I'm at the prime of my life. I can run as fast as a car (well, at least a car going down the driveway), I can jump as high as a deer, I can wrestle my friend Geoffrey to the ground in three seconds or less, and I can catch a fast moving ball in mid-air. I don't intend to grow up. You know what? I don't have to! I've … Read More >

From Moshi

When I was a baby, I used to love to run around the pasture as fast as I could go, then launch myself in the air, kick out behind, land with a thud, then do a sliding stop into my mom's side. It was great fun. I would play fight with my friends, rearing up and striking at each other with our little hooves as we shook our heads in mock anger. We … Read More >

Put Your Horse in Front of Your Legs

Make sure your horse reacts to light leg aids. Your goal is to “whisper” with your aids and have your horse “shout” his response—Not the other way around! To check that your horse reacts to light leg aids: Close both legs and see if he immediately responds with a surge from behind as if he’s going to do a lengthening. If he doesn’t, … Read More >