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Put Your Horse On The Bit


To put your horse on the bit, use what I call the “connecting aids”. The “connecting aids” are a combination of three ingredients that you’ll maintain for about three seconds—the length of time it takes you to inhale and exhale: Those three ingredients are the: . Driving aids . Bending aids . Rein of opposition The … Read More >

From Indy


I've decided I want to learn to dance. I saw a dancing dog on YouTube, and realized I could do that too. Jane is working hard at improving her dance skills, so when I see her practicing in the living room, I join her. I've begged her to let me go to the dance studio with her, but so far she's always gone without me. I think her dance instructor is … Read More >

From Moshi


What do you value? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it blue ribbons? What you value will change throughout your life. When you look back at your past, you'll probably wonder why certain things were so important to you. Ideas such as physical beauty and riches often lose their luster as they are slowly replaced with the broader concepts of fulfilling … Read More >

From Moshi


What inspires you? A beautiful painting? Lovely music? Gorgeous scenery? A perfectly performed dressage test? I'm inspired by physical comforts. I enjoy being brushed, eating carrots, and napping in deep, soft shavings. I'm also inspired by a job well done. Jane lets me know with her tone of voice and stroke down my long neck when I've performed … Read More >