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From Moshi


Horses think in pictures. Jane says that all super-achievers have developed the ability to clearly see what they want, in great detail, before they actually achieve it. I found learning the tempi changes very difficult. But Jane pictured what she wanted very clearly, and then I pictured what she wanted me to do very clearly, and we got it! Now I … Read More >

From Indy


I want to be a Veterinarian. I hear that is a great job. I've met lots of horse doctors at the barn, and think they are a nice bunch of folks. I heard someone say that horses tend to colic, and sometimes they need surgery. So I got my favorite lobster toy and performed colic surgery the best way I knew how. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to … Read More >



Shoulder-in is the father of all the advanced lateral exercises. What I mean by advanced lateral exercises are exercises like shoulder-in, haunches-in, half pass, walk pirouettes, and canter pirouettes. Shoulder-in does a lot of different things. It is a straightening exercise, a strengthening of the inside hind leg exercise, and a collecting … Read More >

How To Loosen The Poll


  Here’s an exercise to supple your horse’s poll. Start in the halt on the rail so you can check that you're keeping your horse's body absolutely straight. If he's straight, his body is parallel to the rail from nose to tail. When you start to supple the poll, keep his neck parallel to the rail. The most common mistake is to bend the … Read More >