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From Moshi


Praise. It's an interesting concept. At first blush it seems simple enough: do a good job, get praised. But, what if the job you did didn't feel particularly good to YOU? Have you ever been praised for something that you were not particularly proud of? Made the praise uncomfortable, didn't it? Horses don't over-think things the way people do. … Read More >

From Indy


The neighbor's cat was teasing me again today. She said I was a flea riddled, flop eared, rabbit chaser. Jane and Rhett keep me brushed and bathed, so I know I don't have fleas. I have floppy ears, but that's normal for my breed. And yes, I do chase rabbits. I'm a dog. That's what we do! What's wrong with that? I know the cat was trying to get a … Read More >

From Moshi


There are strong leaders, passive leaders, dictators, feckless guides, and bullies. What kind of leader are you? Horses appreciate a good leader. We may challenge you now and then, but we hope you're strong enough to stand up to our testing. There are very few of us who really want to be the leader. We want YOU to lead and be in charge of … Read More >

From Indy


I have big teeth and strong jaws. I could tear a person apart if I wanted to. But I would never do that. Why? Because I also have a big, loving heart. I would never hurt my people. We're a pack. We are family. Being a predator, I have a different kind of mind from Moshi. Jane and Rhett are predators, too. That's one of the reasons dogs and … Read More >