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From Indy


I love to run. It is my favorite thing. I like to swim too. Maybe that is my favorite thing. No, on second thought, I love playing with Jane and Rhett. They are my favorite things. Hummm I'm not sure... now I'm confused. I'm pretty good at concentrating on one thing at a time. But I get distracted on occasion. Just for today I'm going to pick … Read More >

From Moshi


Less is more. It's true. When you're first learning something new, you usually try too hard. We all do that. Once we have the skills we find we can achieve the same thing with little effort. Life is like too. Sometimes you just need to sit back and let things unfold. In some ways the less you do, the more that flows to you. Where in your … Read More >

From Indy


Rhett and I have a lot of fun playing together. He's very good at throwing the ball. He can throw FAR! Sometimes I bring the ball back, and sometimes I like to keep it. Rhett doesn't like it when I won't return the ball. He chases me and makes loud noises. It is great fun! Jane asked Rhett one day why I don't always bring back the ball. Rhett … Read More >

From Moshi


QUESTIONS Jane talks a lot about high quality questions. To understand what that means, you have to be able to know the difference between a low quality question and a high quality question. A low quality question can only give you a low quality answer and tends to create more of what you DON'T want. A low quality question usually starts with … Read More >