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From Moshi


Patience. I hear it is a virtue. I think it's a habit that can be developed. Having patience with your horse is very important. He or she thinks differently than you do, so you have to be able to recognize when he tries to do what you're asking, even if he didn't quite get it. Rewarding the "try" is very important. It's also very important … Read More >

From Indy


I was frightened today. I got out of my yard and went exploring. I was crossing the street and a big truck almost ran me over! The driver honked his loud horn at me, and I ran as fast as I could, but I felt the wind from the passing truck on my tail. It scared me! I went right home. Jane was scared too, wondering where I'd gone. Just being with … Read More >

From Moshi


Today is the day! Right now, this moment, is the point where you can change everything you'd like to change. Right now! You have the ability, you have the power, you just have to make the decision. What would you like to do/be/experience? Are you ready to commit? If so, now is the time! You can do it! Just set the goal and then plan the steps … Read More >

From Indy


I love to sleep in the sun. There is something delicious about the gentle warmth on my fluffy coat. It's like being lovingly hugged by Nature. I get drowsy just thinking about it. There is a time for resting, a time for playing, and a time for working. The life of a companion dog has a pretty appealing balance of all three. I've noticed that … Read More >