Training With Jane – Consultation Special

It’s exciting that we’re starting to open up after our long quarantine and we can get back to riding! Woohoo! To help you get … [Read more...]

I’m grateful for you!

jane savoie grateful

ENJOY THE 50% OFF EVERYTHING THROUGH THE 30TH   For those celebrating Thanksgiving, I wanted to wish you a very happy one. … [Read more...]

To the point…

Let's get to the point... My 101 Training Exercises are quick and get right to the point of whatever area you are looking for training. … [Read more...]

Have you heard about the 101 Training Videos?

Click on the quick video message from me about the 101 Training Exercises. Anyone who buys the entire 101 video collection will be … [Read more...]

What is in your toolbox?

I was wondering what your toolbox looks like. Here is a special toolbox video message for you. If you’d like to add the entire 101 … [Read more...]

Jane Savoie Newsletter (Increase Angle in Head-to-the-Wall Leg Yields)

It’s back to school time! Time for learning even more about training your horse. So not only am I doing my usual video newsletter … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 80

Fall is so beautiful in Vermont, USA. We have lots of trees, and they turn the most incredible colors. I only see yellow, green, and … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 80

I came in the house with my long tawny coat full of nasty burrs. Jane spent an hour pulling the prickly things out of my hair. It hurt … [Read more...]

Jane Savoie Newsletter (Stiff and Hollow Sides)

Stiff and Hollow Sides

You probably know or have experienced that few horses are equally bendable left and right. This month’s newsletter shows you how you … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 79

Who are you? Who are you, REALLY? Being who you really is not an easy task. I'm a Friesian, born in Holland, and imported to the … [Read more...]