Jane Savoie Newsletter (Increase Angle in Head-to-the-Wall Leg Yields)

It’s back to school time! Time for learning even more about training your horse. So not only am I doing my usual video newsletter … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 80

Fall is so beautiful in Vermont, USA. We have lots of trees, and they turn the most incredible colors. I only see yellow, green, and … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 80

I came in the house with my long tawny coat full of nasty burrs. Jane spent an hour pulling the prickly things out of my hair. It hurt … [Read more...]

Jane Savoie Newsletter (Stiff and Hollow Sides)

Stiff and Hollow Sides

You probably know or have experienced that few horses are equally bendable left and right. This month’s newsletter shows you how you … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 79

Who are you? Who are you, REALLY? Being who you really is not an easy task. I'm a Friesian, born in Holland, and imported to the … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 79

Wow! I got lots of email about Lobby! Thanks to your suggestions, I did find him! So many of you were close and a few of you were right … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 78

I'm a people whisperer. A Moshi Level Five People Whisperer, to be exact. Fellow horses come to me when they are confused by their … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 78

I ate the cat. Okay.. that's not true, but there are times when I wish I could. She makes me so mad! We've called a truce, but I'm … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 77

Two brains. That's right, I have two brains. So do you. The difference is, you have a bundle of nerves called the corpus collasum … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 77

Thank you, to all of you who sent your ideas about where the cat hid my stuffed toy friend, Lobby the Lobster. I've not found him yet, … [Read more...]