Put Your Horse in Front of Your Legs

Make sure your horse reacts to light leg aids. Your goal is to “whisper” with your aids and have your horse “shout” his response—Not … [Read more...]

The Warm-Up

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Shoulder-in is the father of all the advanced lateral exercises. What I mean by advanced lateral exercises are exercises like … [Read more...]

How To Loosen The Poll

  Here’s an exercise to supple your horse’s poll. Start in the halt on the rail so you can check that you're keeping your … [Read more...]

Breathe Your Way to Relaxation

One of the many reasons deep breathing helps you to relax is that it allows you to move from a Beta state to Alpha state. When I … [Read more...]

Put Your Horse On The Bit

To put your horse on the bit, use what I call the “connecting aids”. The “connecting aids” are a combination of three ingredients … [Read more...]

2 Simple Tips To Help You Stay on a Bucking Horse

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How To Help The Horse That “Rolls Over” The Bit

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See Training Challenges as Opportunities

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How Do I Get My Horse To “Go”?

When teaching your horse to “go”, focus on two aspects of “thinking forward.” 1. Taking responsibility for his own energy 2. … [Read more...]