From Moshi

I love to run. I love to feel the wind in my mane and the deep thrum of the earth when my big feet make contact at each powerful … [Read more...]

From Indy

It's so much fun to go out in the yard and catch the sticks and balls Rhett and Jane throw for me! As I get older, I get better and … [Read more...]

From Moshi

What is excellence to you? Is it finding a specific purpose for your life? Or perhaps it’s getting over 70 percent on a dressage test? … [Read more...]

Help Your Stiff Horse Bend

(Photo by Mary Phelps) Does your horse find it difficult to bend in one direction? You can help your stiff horse bend better by using … [Read more...]

Note From Jane – April 2017

Check this out! I can't wait to spend the week with you learning and playing on a Caribbean cruise! We’ll have a blast! For more … [Read more...]

Learn The Training Scale

As a general rule for all of your training sessions, you want to school according to the training scale. You can go to 10 different … [Read more...]

Use Leg Yielding to Help Pick Up the Correct Canter Lead

Somewhere in most horses’ training, usually when they are still green, they have trouble picking up one or both canter leads. If that … [Read more...]

Put Your Horse in Front of Your Legs

Make sure your horse reacts to light leg aids. Your goal is to “whisper” with your aids and have your horse “shout” his response—Not … [Read more...]

The Warm-Up

  Many riders get confused about how to warm up their dressage horses so they can have a productive schooling session. As a … [Read more...]


Shoulder-in is the father of all the advanced lateral exercises. What I mean by advanced lateral exercises are exercises like … [Read more...]