2 Simple Tips To Help You Stay on a Bucking Horse

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The most important thing to know when you find yourself riding a horse with a sudden desire to kick his heels up is that there are two main rules that will help keep you safe: RULE #1: Heads Up! Both of you: horse and rider. When your head and eyes go down so will your upper body, and you’ll find yourself just where you were looking—on the … Read more »

How To Help The Horse That “Rolls Over” The Bit

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If your horse gets too far behind the vertical, he ends up in a position that I call “rolled over the bit”. In that position, he physically can’t shift the parallelogram of his body. He won’t be able to bring his hind legs underneath his body and come up in front. So, you’ll have to help him by placing the bit out in front of him. To help him, … Read more »

From Moshi

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When is someone old? There's an idea out there that, for humans, "old" is fifteen years older than you are. For horses, it's five years older. I'm fifteen, so "old" to me is twenty. To a fifteen year old human, 30 would seem old. A long time ago people used to die of "old age" in their 40's. Back then, old people were honored as wise and … Read more »

From Indy

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Being a dog is great. I'm three years old now, and I'm a very happy dog. People say that Moshi is the wise one, but I've learned a whole lot in my short three years. And that includes the secrets to being happy. Would you like to know what those secrets are? Here you go: 1. Bunnies. You can't be anything but happy when you're chasing bunnies. … Read more »

See Training Challenges as Opportunities

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Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed or frustrated when you’re struggling to develop a particular skill or teaching your horse a new movement. Since it’s easier not to take responsibility for what’s going wrong, the negativity gets directed at your horse. Your refrain becomes, “Why does he hollow his back and stick his head straight up in … Read more »

How Do I Get My Horse To “Go”?

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When teaching your horse to “go”, focus on two aspects of “thinking forward.” 1. Taking responsibility for his own energy 2. Reacting to light aids Responsibility The first thing you need to do is teach your horse to take responsibility for his energy. It’s not your job to keep him going by “legging him”, spurring him, clucking … Read more »

From Moshi

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Happiness. What is that, exactly? Is it winning a blue ribbon? Is it winning the lottery? Is it falling in love? Or does it take some kind of magic formula to achieve? Would you believe me if I told you that happiness is a habit? So is unhappiness. Of course, there are life events that can change your feeling state, but the overall quality of … Read more »

From Indy

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I'm definitely a creature of habit. I get up at the same time every morning, eat the same breakfast, go outside and check out my usual places, and follow Rhett back in the house to sit at his feet while he reads the paper. From there, our day might be different, but mornings are always the same. I'm also in the habit of being happy. I have a … Read more »

From Moshi

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My friend Maggie sent me a note this week. She said she appreciates my weekly motivations, but could I please address the issue of "momentum" as it relates to riding. Every time Maggie and her rider have a lapse in their riding schedule, they find it hard to get back in the training groove. As much as her person loves riding, she still finds it … Read more »

From Indy

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I'm so happy to be back in Vermont! It's cool here with lots and lots of BUNNIES! I miss my swimming pool in Florida, but I've got wonderful ponds and streams all around where I can swim and play. Sometimes, Rhett lets me go with him when he visits other farms so I get to visit lots of my old friends. Vermont is a very happy place! Moshi asked … Read more »