From Indy

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I've been thinking... Moshi keeps saying how much he loves going to shows with Jane. He gets pampered and doted on, and then a great massage after he performs. It's a special time for Jane and Moshi, and I can see that they really love it. I decided I want to go to a show too. So, I started looking for a rider. I met this terrific girl … Read more »

From Moshi

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I heard someone reading a book out loud to her horse the other day. It was by "Shakespeare". He must be a very wise fellow. He said, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." I believe that to be very true. There is great power in stories. There are stories that teach us about the past, help us imagine the … Read more »

Artificial “head-set”

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To put your horse on the bit, always use your driving aids before using your hands. If you only use your hands when trying to put your horse on the bit, you’re making one of the biggest mistakes you can make. By focusing on the head and “getting the head down”, you just create an artificial “head-set” because you’re riding from front to … Read more »

Which Comes First—Collection or Extension?

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Many riders ask me if it's better to extend their horses' gaits and then ask for collection? Or should they have a shorter horse and then ask him for more energy? Understand that in this “chicken and egg question” that collection comes first. Extension develops out of collection. You "coil the spring of the hind legs" for collection and then … Read more »

From Moshi

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Learning never stops. I am competing now at the highest level available, but I'm still learning more. I'm refining and improving all the time. There is never an end to journey, just new paths and new heights to reach. Have you ever met someone who believes they already know all there is to know? I overheard one of the horses in the … Read more »

From Indy

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How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? I'm still considered very young, even in dog years. I hear people complain all the time about getting older and the aches and pains that come with it. Did you know that your body hears you? Your body hears your thoughts and your words. So, if you want your body to feel old, … Read more »

From Indy

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I'm Indy the Inspirer! There is a subtle difference between inspiring and motivating. Moshi says motivation is the reason you do something, and inspiration is the birth of the idea that doing something will change how you feel. It's almost the same thing, but not quite. I think of inspiring people as my way of stirring up your insides a … Read more »

From Moshi

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Thank you for the great feedback on my stories! It's been a couple years now, and your kind words motivate me to keep sharing my Motivational thoughts. Have you ever really examined the word, "motivation"? Motivate, comes from the Latin word movere, or to move. "ation" means loosely "to be so" or "cause." So you could say it means, the … Read more »

From Moshi

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A good friend left the barn today. I was sad to know that he wasn't coming back. His person took a new job in another city so he had to go to a new place. I will miss his funny nicker and his terrific sense of humor. Letting go of friends, jobs, or situations can be hard. It can hurt. But letting go is a natural part of life. Change is … Read more »

From Indy

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I was startled by a snake today. I can't tell you what kind it was, but it was big and scaly and scary. I jumped about eight feet in the air when I saw it slithering in the grass! Snakes are so strange looking, with that forked tongue and long, skinny body. It gave me the creeps! Jane saw me jump and came to investigate. The snake was … Read more »