See Training Challenges as Opportunities


Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed or frustrated when you’re struggling to develop a particular skill or teaching your horse a new movement.

Since it’s easier not to take responsibility for what’s going wrong, the negativity gets directed at your horse.

Your refrain becomes, “Why does he hollow his back and stick his
head straight up in the air every time I ask for a canter depart.” or
“Why is he so resistant?” or even “Why is he doing this to me?”

Instead of getting frustrated with training issues, see them as learning
opportunities. Get excited about the skills you’re being “forced” to

After all, if your horse were perfect all of the time, you’d never have the chance to practice and refine your riding and training!

So let your new refrain become, “When I can teach this horse to do ______, I know I’ll be able to ride and train anything!”


  1. Diane Brigham says

    Jane, I too am an admirer of your writing and positive philosophy. I believe you have many admirers rooting for your success in your health challenge…..I send you wishes for your good health and continued positive attitude.

  2. Virginia smith says

    I have a lot of thoughts about you jane…I’mi one of those horse crazy kids who grew up in the west riding by the seat of their pants . I was lucky with horses then one day I grew up and wanted to know more about the object of my devotion. That desire lead me on a long path with a lot of bends ..dead ends ..barriers to the understanding I was seeking. Until I met you Nothing was consistently true …thoughtfully uncomplicated and wholly accessible … education presented within the structured framework of the well known educational process we all grew up with..Thank You Jane for all you have done to put education within reach of all..I have a nice TOOL BOX called JANEWAY UINIVERSITY in which I keep all your lessons..that’s how I view your work.. When you accept someone as your teacher it opens a stream of love ..gratitude. ..respect. .for the one who has brought you fire and light in a lonely place…. P.S Dear Jane in this challenge you face you are serrounded within and without we are with you. Love Ginger

  3. Jane, I believe in the healing power of God and am putting you on my prayer list.

    • gabriele glover says

      Dear Jane,
      I just found out about your illness. .Sending you nothing but the best thoughts and prayers. Hoping so that “Moshi” and your sweet “Dog” can be near you during this difficult time.

      Love Gabriele

  4. Hi Jane I just wanted to let you know that your positive outlook on horses and life has had a profound effect on me. I am sure my horses appreciate it and certainly life’s challenges are easier to deal with. My thoughts are with you as you find strength to triumph over the challenges ahead . Ps your book it’s not just about the ribbons goes to every show with me! Kathryn

  5. Jennifer Rebs says

    I cant say enough about what a connect I have with you as a person in thought, beliefs and so forth….. wow is all I can say about your struggle, I cherish all your insight from the whole family and truly admire your giftedness as a trainer and teacher…. I know you do not know me on a personal level or I you but none the less you have touched more lives than you can imagine…. my prayers are with you and your struggle
    Jennifer Nichols Rebs

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