To the point…

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Have you heard about the 101 Training Videos?

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What is in your toolbox?

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Jane Savoie Newsletter (Increase Angle in Head-to-the-Wall Leg Yields)

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Jane Savoie Newsletter (Stiff and Hollow Sides)

Stiff and Hollow Sides

You probably know or have experienced that few horses are equally bendable left and right. This month’s newsletter shows you how you … [Read more...]

Jane Savoie Newsletter (Trot Zig Zags for Suppleness)

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Jane Savoie Newsletter (Suppleness and Connection)

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Jane Savoie Video Newsletter (The third ingredient of the training scale–Contact)

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Breathe Through Fear


When you’re afraid, your breathing becomes rapid and shallow, and you might even find that you hold your breath. You can be sure that … [Read more...]

The Free Walk

Free Walk

What is the free walk? The free walk is a gait of relaxation. What should it look like? * Your horse should lengthen his … [Read more...]