Help Your Stiff Horse Bend

(Photo by Mary Phelps) Does your horse find it difficult to bend in one direction? You can help your stiff horse bend better by using … [Read more...]

Note From Jane – April 2017

Check this out! I can't wait to spend the week with you learning and playing on a Caribbean cruise! We’ll have a blast! For more … [Read more...]

Learn The Training Scale

As a general rule for all of your training sessions, you want to school according to the training scale. You can go to 10 different … [Read more...]

Use Leg Yielding to Help Pick Up the Correct Canter Lead

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Keep Your Horse on the Bit Through Walk to Trot Transitions

To keep your horse on the bit I walk to trot transitions (or any transition, for that matter), first teach him the connecting aids in … [Read more...]

How To Ride Corners

No matter what level you’re doing, you have to ride corners. The general rule for riding corners is that you don’t have to go any … [Read more...]

How To Discourage Pulling

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What To Do When Adding Impulsion Creates Tension

Adding Impulsion Creates Tension

Often in our quest to develop the gaits, we add impulsion to the working trot and canter. This is a great goal, but with some horses, … [Read more...]

How To Supple The Poll

Here’s an exercise to supple your horse’s poll. Start in the halt on the rail so you can check that you're keeping your horse's body … [Read more...]

What Does It Look And Feel Like When Your Horse Is On The Bit?

When a horse is on the bit, here’s what he’ll look like: His entire outline from back to front looks round. His hind legs step … [Read more...]