What To Do When Adding Impulsion Creates Tension

Adding Impulsion Creates Tension

Often in our quest to develop the gaits, we add impulsion to the working trot and canter. This is a great goal, but with some horses, … [Read more...]

My Super Secret Ninja Project

Jane Savoie Choose Your Own Riding Adventure

For many months now I’ve been working on something for you that I’ve been calling my Super Secret Ninja Project. I’m so excited to … [Read more...]

Improve Your Horse’s Balance with Simple Use of Aids

How to improve your horse's balance with a simple use of aids that shifts the balance from "on the forehand" to more "uphill." … [Read more...]

How To Fix A Head Tilt

If your horse tilts his head and carries one ear lower than the other, chances are he’s stiff at the poll. You might see first see this … [Read more...]

Teach Your Horse to React to the Aid to Go Sideways

Teach your horse to be reactive to the sideways leg aid in the same way that you teach him to react to the forward driving aid. That … [Read more...]

Starting Collection

Riders often find connecting their horses easy when they ride in a long and low frame. However, when they start to collect (shift the … [Read more...]

Dressage Mentor Reunion!

The second Dressage Mentor Reunion is going on RIGHT now and we're having a blast! We have had so many different activities … [Read more...]

A Horse That Goes Forward To Light Leg Aids is a Happy Horse

Happy Horse Tip #5 Make sure your horse reacts to light leg aids. Your goal is to “whisper” with your aids and have your horse “shout” … [Read more...]

Happy Horse Tip #4

Happy Horse Tip #4: If your horse gets nervous in the walk, here’s a tip that might help him. Think about how relaxed you sit when … [Read more...]

Dressage Trainer Jane Savoie’s DVD on Handling The Horse That Shys

“How to Handle Shying” DVD Hosted by Jane Savoie This DVD on How To Handle Shying helps you: Learn Why Horses Shy Understand The … [Read more...]