From Indy Issue 83

I got in trouble today. I was home alone when I smelled the most wondrous smell! I know I shouldn't, but I put my paws up on the … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 82

I love to wrestle. It's so much fun. I love to play with my dog friends, but I especially love to wrestle with Jane. I'm very careful … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 81

I'm so excited to get to visit my friends back in Florida! It's been a long summer without them. The cat isn't nearly as much fun as my … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 80

I came in the house with my long tawny coat full of nasty burrs. Jane spent an hour pulling the prickly things out of my hair. It hurt … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 79

Wow! I got lots of email about Lobby! Thanks to your suggestions, I did find him! So many of you were close and a few of you were right … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 78

I ate the cat. Okay.. that's not true, but there are times when I wish I could. She makes me so mad! We've called a truce, but I'm … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 77

Thank you, to all of you who sent your ideas about where the cat hid my stuffed toy friend, Lobby the Lobster. I've not found him yet, … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 76

I'm posting signs all over the neighborhood. "Lost, one stuffed red lobster. Contact Indy." The cat won't tell me where he is. She … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 75

I'm a song and dance man. I howl in B-flat. I love to tap dance on the tile in the front hall, though I do my best dancing in front of … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 74

Jones. Indiana Jones. Also known as Double-K-Nine. KK9! I'm a secret agent dog. Oops! I wasn't supposed to tell you that. Don't say … [Read more...]