From Indy Issue 73

I have the most beautiful buff colored coat. It's soft and sleek in the summer, when I'm done shedding. Jane and Rhett like to brush … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 72

The big gray barn cat got in my face today. She told me I was a brat. She swatted at my nose and scratched me bloody! I can't believe … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 71

I had the most delicious breakfast today. It was a mixture of dog food and real meat. Yummm! It was so tasty! It was a great way to … [Read more...]

From Indy

It was a sleepy day today. It was so hot I just didn't feel like doing much of anything. Fortunately, Jane and Rhett were busy with … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 69

I ate a mouse today. ICK. I didn't really mean to. I was playing in the grass and the thing jumped out of the tall brush right in front … [Read more...]

From Indy Issue 68

I'm a tease. I confess. I love to play hide and seek. I get a big kick out of taking things away from my friends and then encouraging … [Read more...]

From Indy

Today was a great day! I had so much fun playing with my friends! We wrestled and chased each other until we were so tired we collapsed … [Read more...]

From Indy

I got to play in the mud today. It's so wet out there I couldn't help it. Chasing rabbits is dirty work! When I came in the house, … [Read more...]

From Indy

We're back in Vermont! I love the beauty of the rolling hills and coolness of the breeze in the evening. But my favorite thing about … [Read more...]

From Indy

I love to sleep in the sun. There is something delicious about the gentle warmth on my fluffy coat. It's like being lovingly hugged by … [Read more...]