From Moshi Issue 83

Responsibility. It's a big part of life. Jane tells her students that their horses should be responsible for their own gaits. They … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 82

I had trouble sleeping last night. I'm about to start the new show season, and I started fretting about being ready. Now that I'm … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 81

There's a whole lot that goes on in this world that we never hear about. Some of it is bad, but a lot of it is good. If you could … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 80

Fall is so beautiful in Vermont, USA. We have lots of trees, and they turn the most incredible colors. I only see yellow, green, and … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 79

Who are you? Who are you, REALLY? Being who you really is not an easy task. I'm a Friesian, born in Holland, and imported to the … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 78

I'm a people whisperer. A Moshi Level Five People Whisperer, to be exact. Fellow horses come to me when they are confused by their … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 77

Two brains. That's right, I have two brains. So do you. The difference is, you have a bundle of nerves called the corpus collasum … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 76

A terrible thing happened today, and I'm really struggling to get over it. There was a loud hissing sound that hit my nervous system … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 75

Jane says I'm too serious, and need to play more. She told me I should relax and enjoy life. I used to think she was crazy. I have lots … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 74

I see blue sky, green grass, and yellow flowers. I can't see red apples as my eyes perceive the color red as deep gray. I've been told … [Read more...]