From Moshi Issue 73

Black and white. Yes and no. Up and down. Sickness and health. Positive and negative.... We live in a world of contrast. It's the … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 72

Words have power. They have energy. They create a state of being in our minds. Horses don't use words, but we understand the energy … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 71

Winning. What does that feel like to you? For me, I've "won" when I feel that flow through my body and everything comes together. I … [Read more...]

From Moshi

I was watching my favorite barn cat try to catch a miller moth today. She was so determined to catch that flitty creature! I couldn't … [Read more...]

From Moshi Issue 69

She likes me! She likes me! I'm so excited! That new mare told her friend that she really thinks I'm pretty neat. She said I had the … [Read more...]

From Moshi

Setting boundaries is a hot topic among horse people. I've heard the trainers at the barn tell their students that they need to … [Read more...]

From Moshi

You may have noticed that everyone has an opinion.You may also have noticed that others' opinions may not be the same as yours. I … [Read more...]

From Moshi

I blew it. I mean I really blew it. I was trying to show off to the cute new mare in the barn, and I ended up tripping over my own feet … [Read more...]

From Moshi

There are all kinds of dreams. Big dreams, small dreams, fantasy dreams, and the important dreams you really want to realize before you … [Read more...]

From Moshi

Today is the day! Right now, this moment, is the point where you can change everything you'd like to change. Right now! You have the … [Read more...]