From Indy


I love my friends. We may look like we are fighting sometimes, but it is all in fun and play. We like to roll around the pretend to bite each other, but we are not trying to hurt anyone, we’re just having a good time.

I have a new friend at the barn! His name is Geoffrey. He’s so much fun to be with! I tease him because he has curly hair. I actually like his curly hair, but he’s fun to tease because he pretends to get mad and attacks me. We run and chase each other and then act like we are biting each other’s necks. But we’re really not. We’re just pretending.

I’m going back to Vermont soon, and won’t be back in Florida until next fall. I’m going to miss Geoffrey. But missing friends is part of life, and I know there will be new friends in Vermont to play with.

But I’m still a little sad.

Jane told me that it’s okay to be sad. She said if we try to suppress our feelings too much, they get stronger. She told me to relax and feel my feelings, and let them shift by accepting and not fighting them. By letting my negative feelings pass THROUGH me instead of trying to push them away, I can release and transform them much more effectively.

I feel much better now. I told Geoffrey I will be back in a few months, and to remember me!

Do you remember any old friends you’d like to reconnect with? Pick up the phone! They’ll be happy to hear from you!

Love, Indy

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