From Indy

I’ve finally become an adult. I heard Rhett say so. Both Jane and Rhett are so happy that I’ve stopped chewing up their shoes and doing other puppyish behaviors. Of course I still like to chew on my lobster toy and the occasional bone, but I’m not as wild as I used to be. I’m becoming a grown up.

There’s a child-like quality that people tend to lose as they get older and more serious about life. But growing up doesn’t mean you have to grow old. You can still be young at heart even when life gets complicated.

That’s what I’m here for. I teach by example. My number one job is to love Rhett and Jane and to remind them to take time to enjoy whatever they’re doing. Even when it’s serious, keeping a young, child-like attitude, expecting the best and enjoying every moment, keeps them happy, balanced, and sane. I’m very good at having child-like enthusiasm, and I remind them of that when they watch me.

Are you able to learn from your dog? He or she is there to teach you how to live if you’re open to their messages. Let your dog show you how to have a happy life. It’s as simple as taking a nap when you’re tired, eating good healthy food, getting regular exercise, and sharing lots and lots of unconditional love.

Love, Indy

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