From Indy


I got a bug in my ear. It made me mad and really got on my nerves. I was
grumpy for days. Jane didn’t know what was wrong with me. She looked in
my ears and brushed my coat, but couldn’t figure out why I was so uptight.

I scratched and shook my head and rubbed my face and ears in the grass,
but just couldn’t get to the bug. It was making me crazy! I tried to ignore
it, but it just made my life miserable.

Have you ever had something in your life like that? Something that made
you squirm? Perhaps it was a physical itch, or perhaps it was something you
really wanted to change, but just didn’t know how.

Jane finally took me to the vet. The vet had the tools to really look
deep into my ear and find that darn bug. She got a big pair of tweezers and
pulled the nasty little creature out of the crease where it had been hiding
and biting. Relief! Oh my.. I was so happy, I licked her face with great

What in your life is causing you to “itch”? Is it something you can
change? Can you ask for help? Sometimes you just need the right person to help
guide you, or someone who has the right tools for the job. Don’t give up!
That itch is your inner self telling you it’s time for a change. Honor
it, and your life might just be that much brighter.

Let’s go to the pond today! I need a swim! Bring the bug spray, will you?

Love, Indy

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