From Indy


The sun felt so warm on my coat today. It was wonderful. I snoozed in the yard all afternoon so I could enjoy the sunshine.

Sometimes the smallest things can bring us joy…. like a pat on the head, or a special treat for breakfast. Jane and Rhett like to sit on the porch and watch the sunset together. It sounds like a little thing, but it’s those tiny moments of joy that make up a joyous, fulfilled life.

Do you pay attention to the things that bring you joy? If you find yourself tired and discouraged, allow yourself to find just one thing in your day that went well. Look for a moment when you were feeling good. It’s there… if you look. Give that your attention, and let go of the rest.

Thoughts are energy. Whatever you think about expands. Give your thoughts to the happy moments in your life, and you’ll attract more happy moments. You can’t help it.

I’m happy all the time! That’s why my life is so happy.

What happened today that made YOU happy?
Love, Indy

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