From Indy


I’ve been thinking… Moshi keeps saying how much he loves going to shows with Jane. He gets pampered and doted on, and then a great massage after he performs. It’s a special time for Jane and Moshi, and I can see that they really love it.

I decided I want to go to a show too. So, I started looking for a rider. I met this terrific girl by the name of Paz. She’s the perfect size for me! I found a pillow on the couch and took it to Jane to make a saddle so Paz could ride me. I just know my jumping ability will bring home a big blue ribbon to add to Moshi’s pile!

Jane patted me on the head and told me I just wasn’t cut out for carrying a person, even someone as small and cute as Paz. I was very sad.

But then Jane reminded me that I had other things I could do that were every bit as exciting and important as carrying a person around. My job is to keep Jane and Rhett fit and strong by taking them for walks and encouraging them to throw sticks and balls for me, and to keep them safe by letting them know if there are strange noises outside during the night. These are very important jobs!

Instead of being sad that I’m not built to carry a person, I decided to concentrate on what I do best, being a great dog. I’m focusing on being the very BEST dog I can be!

Do they give blue ribbons for catching the ball in mid-air? Maybe Jane will make one for me. I want Moshi to know I can win ribbons too.

I’m meeting Paz at the barn! She’s my favorite little girl. Come on over! I’ll introduce you!

Love, Indy

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