From Indy


Oooo my tooth got tugged on today, and I’m really in pain! I accidentally hooked my big left canine tooth on Geoffrey’s collar while we were playing, and it almost got pulled out. I think it’s going to be okay, but it sure did hurt!

Jane says I have to go to the doggie dentist. I hate the dentist. Do you? I hear most people really fear the dentist. Do you have fear?

Jane told me that fear is future thinking. Anger is past thinking. Being a dog, I’m usually in the present, which is why I’m so happy all the time. I think people are unhappy a lot because they are either upset about the past, or worried about the future. Most people are not NOW.

Are you a past or future thinker? Can you bring your attention to NOW? If that’s hard for you, you can at least think about good things from your past or happy hopes for your future. That makes for a nicer NOW. And aren’t we all just looking for a nice NOW?

I’d sure love a nice soft chewie cookie, right NOW. How about you?

Love, Indy

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