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Yeehaw! I get to go swimming! The pool is open for dogs today and a bunch of my friends are coming over to play catch the ball in the water. Rhett is going to take me and has loaded all my toys in the pool bag. Rhett’s a great ball thrower. I just love swimming! It’s my favorite thing!

Sometimes, after a long day in the pool, I get muscle sore. It’s a small price to pay for having so much fun. Jane and Rhett get a little sore sometimes, too! Did you know that people can eat pineapple to help with stiffness and muscle soreness? There’s an enzyme in pineapple called bromelain that helps take the lactic acid out of muscles. You can get it in an inexpensive pill at the vitamin store, or simply eat fresh pineapple. It can make a big difference in how sore you might feel after a hard workout!

Eating right and exercising is easy for me. I eat the good stuff Jane and Rhett give me, and I love to run and play. People, on the other hand, have to make choices. Making good choices can be hard sometimes. Sugar and fatty foods make the brain feel a few moments of enjoyment, even though it’s not good for the rest of the body. Processed foods can be really bad for us, but the food industry has made these foods taste so good that they’re really hard to resist.

How do you find the strength to ignore what your mouth wants and eat what your body wants and needs instead? Understanding that this is a CHOICE is the first step. Do you CHOOSE that moment on the taste buds over the good feeling of a healthy body? If so, just know that you’ve made that choice. It’s not good or bad, it’s just a choice. You’re not powerless, and you’re not a victim of your appetite. You just need to CHOOSE what is more important to you. Health or taste. Short term or long term.

I’m afraid I’m not a very good example of someone who only eats what’s good for me. If it hits the floor, it’s mine. I don’t have much self control, and have to trust that Jane will make those good decisions for me. I have, however, chosen to not eat any more dead mice. Ick.. once was enough. I learned my lesson.

Just for today, let’s eat what we know is really GOOD for our bodies! Raw foods, unprocessed, low in sodium, rich in color and freshness. Add some pineapple. Get some exercise. And let me know how you feel! If you’re not feeling good mentally, add some coconut oil to your diet. Make sure it is PURE coconut oil. Recently, scientists discovered a brain food in coconut oil that may help with all kinds of mental issues from Alzheimer to depression to autism. Check it out!

Since I’m in Florida for the winter, I can eat raw coconuts right off the trees! Would you crack one open for me? I want to get to the good stuff on the inside.

Love, Indy

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