From Indy


Chance and I are really good friends. We play catch in the pool together. We keep each other company at horse shows while Rhett is busy videoing and Jane is busy coaching. And we watch each other’s back so alligators can’t sneak up on us in the grass.

Even though we’re good friends, we can be a bit competitive when we play. Rhett and Jane throw the ball in the pool for us all the time, and we race to see who can get it first. Sometimes I win, and sometimes Chance wins.

Jane often talks about competing and winning with her students. She reminds them that it’s not just about the ribbons. The ribbons are terrific, and winning is exciting and fun. But the journey to excellence is even more important than the show results. Jane says riding is a metaphor for how you approach your whole life. It never truly ends. There is no real ultimate goal–just a lot of smaller goals with an amazing trip of discovery in between.

When I took the ball away from Chance, he got a bit upset. I told him it was not just about getting the ball. It was about the fun we have playing together. He replied by stealing the ball back and running away with it. I laughed and laughed, and then went after him to see if I could get it back. Yes, even though he won the wrestle over the ball, I was still having fun. And that’s what counts.

Will you come over and throw the ball for me? I think I’ve worn out Jane and Rhett’s arms!

Love, Indy

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