From Indy


I want to be a bronco. I want to buck and kick and wildly throw cowboys off my back. Jane says I’m too small to be a bucking bronco, but that doesn’t stop my desire. I really want to be in a rodeo and show how powerful I am!!

Jane is big on doing everything we can to fulfill our dreams, no matter what they are. She told a friend about my desire to be a rodeo bronc, expressing her desire to come up with a way for me to experience that goal. Her friend had a great Idea and gave us a special gift: My own perfect sized saddle, with a cowboy attached!

Jane put it on, and off I went! It was so much fun! I jumped, bucked, and kicked, but I couldn’t throw the cowboy off my back. Turns out he was SEWN on! Jane laughed and laughed, which made me laugh too. It was great! We had a lot of fun. When I’d had enough of being a rodeo bronc, I pretended I was a race horse, and ran circles around the yard as though on the race track. Then I played old west bank robber, pretending I was the get-away horse. It was great fun!

Okay.. I’m smart enough to know I can’t magically change myself into a real horse and perform in a real rodeo. But that doesn’t mean I can’t find a way to enjoy that idea! Doing the best with what I have is the best way to enjoy life. And finding creative ways to have fun is what I love best about Jane! Well, that and dog biscuits. Oh…and playing catch. Yes, that’s what I love best. Playing catch.

What would YOU enjoy doing today? Do you have time to throw the ball for me? Let’s have some FUN!

Love, Indy

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