From Indy


I saw an alligator today! YIKES! It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! It was about two feet long, with lots and lots of ugly teeth. It had crawled out of the canal to sun itself on the path that went around the neighborhood. Oh my.. I was scared to death! It was so crazy looking! It looked like a monster!

Jane didn’t seem scared of it at all. She just put my leash on and took me back to the barn and closed the doors. She didn’t embarrass me for being afraid. She told me it was natural for everyone to be nervous about things we don’t understand. She hugged me and told me I was safe.

Have you ever been afraid of something, and then felt embarrassed about it? I’ll be you have. I hope you had a good friend nearby to help you overcome your fear. It really does help to have someone with you that understands.

Jane told me she sings when she gets nervous. She says it’s the perfect thing to do when you’re riding, and the tension starts to take over. You have to breathe when you sing, so you get plenty of oxygen while you distract yourself from the inner mind picture that’s imagining a bad thing happening, and causing the fear.

I howl when I’m scared. That scares everyone else! I guess my howl is pretty loud. I think of it as singing, but not everyone agrees.

What do YOU do when you’re afraid? I hope my howl-singing scares away the alligators!

Love, Indy

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