From Indy


I miss Geoffrey. I’m so bummed that he got banned from the barn. But he refused to behave, so he’s never going to be allowed back. That’s the extreme result of violating boundaries.

Moshi and I are very different. I love to snuggle and be close to people. Moshi is much more independent and does not like people pawing at him just to stroke him without reason. I like to chase sticks and balls. I love to swim. And I think it’s very fun to chase rabbits. Moshi prefers the seriousness of dressage, perfecting his pirouettes and one tempis, and maintaining a stable, mature demeanor.

And yes, we’re still friends. I know I can get Moshi excited if we race, and he knows he can calm me down if he simply grazes quietly. We affect each other without being demanding of each other. We respect that the other one has different wants and needs, so we get along great.

Do you have a friend who’s really different from you? Have you ever wondered why that relationship works? Often, it’s as simple as recognizing your friend’s differences from a place of acceptance and respect. As long as your core values are similar, the contrast in personalities can actually make the relationship stronger and more satisfying. Just be open to the differences!

I’m so glad Jane recognizes that I like to swim! She’ll sit by the pool and read while Chance and I play in the water. I’ll lay by the arena and wait for her when she rides Moshi. We have a terrific give and take relationship. That’s why she’s my very best friend.

Do you have a best friend? I’ll bet your dog thinks you do!

Love, Indy

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