From Indy


Rhett got me a new ball! It’s a bright blue bouncy thing, that’s totally unpredictable because it isn’t really round. Sometimes it bounces left, and sometimes it bounces right. Not knowing which way it’s going to go when it hits the ground makes it really fun because it requires that I think fast and be quick on my feet.

Chance and I were playing by the pool when the ball bounced into the water That was the most fun of all! I jumped in after it, and pretended it was a shark. Chance grabbed my tail and shouted, “The shark’s got you!” I laughed so hard I dropped the ball. We swam and swam until we were too tired to do anything more.

Physical exercise can be lots of fun. You just have find ways to make it that way! What do you do to get some exercise and also have fun? Do you listen to music? Do you bring a friend along?

Would you like to play with me in the pool? Come on over! Bring your dog too. I’ll play the part of the hungry shark this time.

Love, Indy

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