From Moshi


The world sure is an interesting place. There is so much to see and to do. And there can be a lot of things to be afraid of.

I’m afraid of fire, skunks, and anything that pops out of the bushes and startles me. It’s not that I really think I’m about to be hurt, it’s just that I’m hard wired to jump when things move fast. All horses have that instinct, we just can’t help it.

Jane knows that I would never intentionally hurt her. But she also knows that I weigh about ten times more than she does, and when she’s on my back the ground is a long way away. She knows that accidents happen and there is always the possibility that she might come off. For that reason she ALWAYS wears a helmet during our training and hacking sessions, and has even started showing in her helmet instead of her top hat.

Life has it hazards. It’s just part of living. But we can take some of the risk out of those hazards by doing thoughtful little things, like wearing a helmet every time we ride.

Do you wear your helmet every time you get on a horse? Start a trend at YOUR barn!

Love, Moshi

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