From Moshi


It’s hard for me to imagine Jane with another horse. She’s MY person, and I’m pretty possessive of her. I know she’s partnered with lots of horses before I came to her life, but I can’t imagine her with anyone but me.

I noticed Jane was a bit melancholy the other day, and then heard her say that her former mount, Woody, had passed away. Woody was very old and ready for his transition, but it was still sad for Jane to realize he was no longer on this planet.

Jane said she was so grateful that Woody had been cared for by a wonderful lady during his senior years. She talked about how much Woody had taught her, and how much fun they had together at shows and clinics over the years. Jane intentionally focused on the brightness he brought to her’s and other’s lives, not on the loss of his passing.

When someone dies or moves away there is a natural period of time when we need to grieve. Horses grieve too. It is easy to stay in that place of sadness and let grief become a habit. Sometimes it takes some conscious effort to focus on the happy memories and the joy your friend brought to your life. But doing so will not only help you feel much better, it will help you train your brain to look for the positive in everything.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings. There is nothing wrong with being sad or upset. Just remember that the negative feelings will subside. Just take it one day at a time, and make the decision to put some effort into your happier thoughts.

All will be well….

Love, Moshi

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