From Moshi


A new pony came to the barn today! He’s a real showy fellow with a big attitude and joyous energy. It feels good having him here. I love being around him.

Did you know that you feel other people’s energy? Everyone does. We can’t help it. So if you’re feeling grouchy, everyone around you will feel it and may become grouchy too. If you’re feeling happy, you can brighten up a room just be being there.

What are you? Are you the light in the room or the grinch who brings everyone down? You can decide. Even if you feel grouchy, you can pretend to feel great, and soon you WILL feel great! You get to choose!

Be a catalyst for happy! All you have to do is make the decision, and then SMILE. “Happy” can’t help but follow.

Love, Moshi

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