From Moshi


I heard someone reading a book out loud to her horse the other day. It was by “Shakespeare”. He must be a very wise fellow. He said, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” I believe that to be very true.

There is great power in stories. There are stories that teach us about the past, help us imagine the future, and take our thoughts on journeys to places our bodies couldn’t possibly go. The power of story has been recognized for millennia. A story can move a heart, a mind, and an entire world. The pen may truly be more powerful than the sword.

The stories you tell yourself shape your life in the most profound way. How you talk to yourself, the stories you ruminate and chew on as you think about the day, literally shape how you feel. The stores you tell and re-tell in your mind about yourself, your position in life, your body, and your experiences, actually become your life!

When you call a friend, do you tell her about the wonderful things that happened that day, or do you find yourself gossiping or complaining? Do you tell more stories about your failures than you do your successes? When you think about your experiences, do you remember the happy things that happened, or are you in the habit of gnawing on all the things that went bad or not to your liking?

If you knew that just by telling the story, you would attract more of what you talked about, would you change the tale? Would you look for the parts that contain the things of which you want more? Maybe you could include something happy about me! It’s your story, and I want to be a part of it!

Love, Moshi

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