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Thanks for the terrific comments you share with me on Facebook and by e-mail. I’m flattered that so many of you enjoy my little messages.

A number of people have asked me how to change their thinking from negative to positive, especially when the evidence of what’s happening in their lives would indicate that there’s not much to be positive about. How does one change the momentum or the focus when you’re really unhappy or struggling?

There is a shortcut that is so powerful, it is guaranteed to work EVERY time. That shortcut is called, APPRECIATION. When you’re in a state of gratitude or appreciation, you’re energetically open to all the good stuff of the Universe. You simply can’t be negative if you’re truly in a state of gratitude.

I know some of you are having a very difficult time right now, be it financially, or emotionally, or maybe even physically. But, no matter how bad things are, you CAN find something to be grateful for if you try. You just have to use your mental willpower to change your focus.

So here’s my challenge to you. Today, find ten things you are grateful for. Big, small, it doesn’t matter. Write them down. Then read this list out loud at least once an hour for the entire day. Notice if your day doesn’t change in amazing ways…

Let me know how that goes! I sincerely appreciate hearing from you!

Love, Moshi

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