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It’s been a year now, since Indy and I started dictating our messages for Jane’s friends. Sometimes I run out of ideas. When I do, very often I put the project aside and wait for inspiration. Sometimes this works, but sometimes I get to the deadline and nothing has come to me to write about. That’s when I have to push through my procrastination and just begin. I have to make myself take a step. Taking that step of dictating a few words has always, without fail, been all I needed to do to create something to share.

Is there something you need to get done, or want to do, that you’ve been putting off? Have you taken any action toward that goal? Sometimes, just STARTING is all you need. Take one complete action and get the momentum heading in the direction you want to go.

If it’s cold and you don’t feel like riding, put on your boots and your warmest helmet and decide you’re just going to go pet your horse for a few minutes. Perhaps the action of putting on the right warm clothes and getting out to the barn will be enough to help you change your mind about riding. If not, let that be okay, too! But be sure to acknowledge yourself for taking an action. You did something, and that is terrific!

You hear a lot about goal setting and how important it is to know where you’re headed. It’s just as important to take even the smallest step toward that goal. You may have to push yourself through some resistance, but, you can do it!

So, for today, think of a goal (horse related or not) and then take one tangible, positive step toward that goal. Once you’ve done that, notice how you feel. It’s important to notice the momentum you’ve just created. Let yourself ride that energy further! That’s how you ultimately reach the top of the mountain. It’s as simple as one small step at a time.

I’ve decided I want to take off a few pounds so I can run faster. So, just for today, I left a little bit of my hay behind in my stall, and I ran around my turnout area a few extra laps. It wasn’t much, but it was a step toward my goal of being as fit and as fast as I can be.

What goal do you have that you could take a step towards, right now? Would you like to run a lap or two with me? Come on out to the barn! We’ll race around the arena! I promise to give you a head start.

Love, Moshi

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