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I was thinking about how slippery it is out on the wet grass, and sure enough, I slipped. I was thinking about how angry that gelding at the end of my stall row makes me, and sure enough I became angry. I was thinking about how I sometimes get a headache when a storm comes, and sure enough, I got a headache.

I keep saying that what you think about expands. Over and over and in many different ways I share my belief that we attract whatever we concentrate on. And yet, I still find myself putting my own attention on things I don’t want. Why do I do that when I KNOW that’s going to create the very things I do not want? Oops, I just gave my attention to getting what I don’t want by seeing that I get what I don’t want by thinking about what I don’t want! ARG! It’s crazy making!

If I say to you, don’t think about a pink and blue zebra striped horse, what happens in your mind? Do you see a green spotted cow? Now you do, simply because I mentioned it. You’re now probably thinking about a zebra AND a cow. You can’t NOT see something you’re thinking about! The brain simply can’t see a “not.”

So how do you trick the mind into visualizing what you want, and not what’s physically in front of you?

There is a fun and powerful trick that was taught to me by my friend, Jonathan Manske. He calls it the “fact witch.” It goes like this.

State out-loud two or three simple things that you know and firmly believe are absolutely TRUE, and then state something you’d like to be different in your life as if it actually was true as well.

For example, if you’ve having money issues right now, you could say, “I am a brunette (blonde, redhead, whatever applies to you…), and I live in ______ (your town), and I am a MONEY MAGNET. You may not currently be experiencing yourself as someone who attracts money, but your mind will already be in the state of believing when you make the third statement, which will make it much easier for your mind to accept what you want to believe as TRUTH. And if your mind successfully holds the belief that you are a money magnet, you will attract money just like a magnet!

I am a solid black horse, I am owned by Jane Savoie, and I am a carrot magnet!

I am a solid black horse, I am owned by Jane Savoie, and I am a carrot magnet!


I am a solid black horse, I am owned by Jane Savoie, and I am a carrot magnet!

Hey! Here comes Jane down the aisle with a bag of carrots! It works!

Love, Moshi

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