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The dentist stopped by today. I hate the dentist. He scares me. But I know once he’s floated my teeth and taken off the sharp points on my back molars, I’ll be much more comfortable when I chew. It’s something all horses have to deal with, so I just “man up” and let him do it.

Are there things you have to do that you don’t like doing? Visiting the dentist is one of those things that’s at the top of almost everyone’s list of things they’d rather not do. That, and pay taxes. Oh…and cleaning the cat’s litter box. Oh yeah…also standing in-line to get a new driver’s license or plates for the new car. And don’t forget shoveling snow…and…Wow…There are lots of things people have to do that aren’t much fun!

If I was to stop right there, you’d probably find your mind swimming with ideas for the next several hours pondering all the stuff in your life you’d rather not have to do. How would your day be? A mind spinning around looking for things to be negative about will always find them. And when your focus is on finding things to not like, I guarantee you will attract more things to not like!

It’s also true the other way around. If you want to have a positive spin on your day, decide you want to notice everything around you that is happy, uplifting, and positive. Just decide! Just for today, decide to focus on all the things going on around you that make you feel good. If doing that for a whole day is too much right now, decide to do it for just one hour.

I’ve decided to focus on all the things that make me happy–Indy’s funny smile, Jane’s attentive grooming of my shiny black coat, green Florida grass, cool water in the barn’s pretty fountain, the nice breeze through my screened stall, and a deep bed of shavings to sleep in.

Ahhhhhhh! I feel much better now!

How you feel is a choice. It’s not wrong to feel bad or feel negative, BUT IT IS A CHOICE. Knowing and staying aware of that fact is where your personal power comes from.

And you are POWERFUL!

Love, Moshi

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