From Moshi


From where my stall is situated, I can see outside to the green grass turnout pens, the main house, the inside water fountain, the wash area, and the tack room.

From where my neighbor’s stall is situated, he sees Paz’s play area full of colorful toys, the hot walker, the wash area, the sand arena, and the gravel driveway.

I say our barn is quiet, relaxing, private, and lush green. My neighbor says our barn is active, busy, brown with sand and gravel, and a place for hard work.

Who’s right? We’re only about twenty feet apart, but we see our home in completely different ways. Is one of us “wrong” and one of us “right”? How could we live so close together, and have such completely different viewpoints? Ah… that’s the key. Our VIEW-POINTS are completely different!

Everyone has a different perspective. No one sees the same things you see. No one interprets what they see the same way you do. Has this natural difference in perspective ever cause a conflict in your life? I’ll bet it has.

Remembering that we all see things differently is the first step toward peace in any situation. Remembering that we’re all doing the best we can is the next step. Understanding begins from these places. Peace is possible, when we allow others to be different from ourselves. Let others have their viewpoints, and allow yourself to keep your own. Only then can you truly accept what happens. Just remember, peace is a choice. Choose peace.

Love, Moshi

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