From Moshi


The other day I was sleeping in the sun when Jane showed up to ride. I didn’t feel like working, so I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep. I was a bit grumpy when she started brushing me while I was lying there trying to ignore her. But before long I was awake and found myself enjoying the terrific rubdown with her rubber curry brush.

Jane tacked me up and off we went. I wasn’t in the mood to work, and I let Jane know it. We started slowly, but before long I was feeling really energetic and wanted to go faster. We practiced perfecting our canter departs and passage, which made me feel really good about myself.

Sometimes all you need to get motivated is to GET MOVING. Starting is usually the hardest part. It takes a little determination, but you’ve got plenty of that. So get up out of that chair, and make the decision to move your body in an energetic way! Go to the barn and get on your horse, or turn on some dance music and boogie around your house!

You’ll feel wonderful in no time. I PROMISE!

Love, Moshi

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