From Indy

The great thing about being a dog is that I never worry about the future. I know my bowl will always be filled with food, I know water is available just for the asking, I have a nice pillow to sleep on, and that’s about all I need! In fact, I don’t really need the pillow. The grass in the yard works just fine.

When you really think about it, there isn’t a whole lot you really “need” either. If you’ve got food, water, air, clothing, and a place to get out of the weather, you’re going to survive. Everything else is just to make surviving more enjoyable.

If you’re worried about money or the economy right now, just know that you’re going to be okay. Your life may not be the same, but you’re still going to be okay. You will survive. You’ll get through this. I promise! There is light ahead! Everything changes, and this is just one of those periods of change. All will be well. I mean it! All will be well! Relax. Breathe. Trust. Know… you’re going to be okay.

Love, Indy


  1. Except that it’s not that easy – I’m a horse owner, so it’s not just about me, but about my horse, too. I need to pays his boarding, the farrier, the vet, that makes quite a lot of money. My horse has health problems, so if I can’t afford all this anymore, what’s going to happen with him? Who would take a sick horse? Buying a horse means to become responsible for this animal. And sometimes, that can mean to worry, or to make choices that are somewhat difficult (like staying in a job that’s not easy, either because of the kind of work or the people you work with), because the horse cannot take care if himself. He needs us for that.

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