From Indy

I got left at home today. I’m very sad. The weather is really bad and there is a lot of mud out there, so Jane told me I had to stay home. I’m considering tearing up the couch just to let her know how upset I am.

Naw… I won’t do that. I know that would be wrong, and I’m a good dog. Even when I do things that might not be right, Jane reminds me that I’m a good dog. Jane and Rhett are my most powerful authority figures, so when they say I’m a good dog, I listen. Good dog. That’s me. Good dogs don’t eat couches.

I’ve learned that, generally, you get whatever you expect to get from your people and animal friends. I heard someone tell a dog at the barn that she was a “bad dog.” The dog believed her person, and made sure to look for ways to be who she was, a “bad dog.” She chewed up some leather shoes and buried her person’s favorite horse brush, because she knows that’s what “bad dogs” do. And bad dogs get yelled at, so it was natural to her that her person yelled at her a lot.

I wonder how she would have behaved had her person said, “you’re a good dog, but this was a bad thing you did, which doesn’t match who you are. Since you’re such a good dog, it would be more appropriate for you to leave the shoes as they are.” That would have been a very different way of looking at things.

Is your dog a good dog, or a bad dog? I’m a good dog! Jane reminds me all the time that I’m a really good fellow, and my behavior should naturally reflect that. It makes it easy for me to make the right decisions, because my behavior matches who I believe I am.

Love, Indy

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