From Indy

I’ve decided to run away and join the circus. I’m sure a dog of my many talents will able to wow the expectant crowds! Or maybe I’ll join the pack of coyotes out back and become a wild thing, hunting rabbits and mice for dinner and scaring people when they ride down the path. Or maybe I’ll become a search and rescue dog, finding people buried under rubble from hurricanes or tracking robbers from the scene of the crime. Or maybe…

What a minute. There are so many choices, I don’t know what to do! I’ve heard people talking about how hard it is to make big decisions. I’ve overheard things like, “What should I do? What’s my purpose in life? Where should I be? What job should I do? Who should I marry? What friends should I keep? What horse should I buy?”

What if there isn’t a “right” answer? What if they’re all right answers? What if it doesn’t really matter which route you take?

I’ve found that the best way to have a fulfilling life is to make a decision, and then decide that the decision was the right one. Give your choice all you’ve got!

Make it into the right pick. That’s not to say that you can’t change your mind later, but the most important part is MAKING THE DECISION. Just decide. Know that you can change it or fix it later if you need to, but give it some energy and progress as though the decision was the perfect choice for you.

More time is wasted and opportunities lost by indecisiveness than was ever lost by making the wrong decision. This is the very foundation for the power of goal setting. Goals are a decision made and a direction chosen. When you have a place to go, you move that direction! It doesn’t mean you can’t change course, but if you never start, you’re not going anywhere.

Are you trying to make an important decision but you’re nervous about making the wrong choice? Give yourself a deadline, and simply choose by that time. Then progress ahead as though you made the perfect pick. Focus your attention on the direction you’re going, and ignore the mental doubts that try to distract you.

I’ve decided I’m going to stay a companion dog with Jane and Rhett. If I decide to join a circus later, I’ll do that. But for now, I’m really enjoying my soft bed, my friends at the barn, and the cool water at the pond. Besides, no one gives belly rubs like Rhett. I’ve decided that alone makes it the right decision to stay put.

Does your dog like belly rubs too? I’ll bet he does! Maybe you could decide to give him or her a really good rub when you get home.

Love, Indy

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