From Indy

It’s time to go to the pond! Or is it time to sleep? I’m not sure. My life is all about running and sleeping and playing and sleeping and eating and, well… sleeping. Sometimes I forget what time of day it is.

Do you run a lot? I know Jane often says she has running around to do, but that’s a different thing than actually going outside and running. She is very busy with her various projects, writing, and training, among other things.

One of my jobs is to remind her to slow down and enjoy life. She can’t resist my fuzzy face when I ask for a pat or a scratch, and she almost always stops and gives me attention when I ask. I can feel her heart slow down when she is petting me. I’m her personal tranquilizer.

Are you really busy? Are you enjoying life? Take a moment to pet your dog or your horse, and enjoy their company. Really be present for them. It will be good for both of you.

Or, let’s go to the pond! I want to swim! See you there!

Love, Indy

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