From Indy Issue 73

I have the most beautiful buff colored coat. It’s soft and sleek in the summer, when I’m done shedding. Jane and Rhett like to brush me, making my silky hair shine. I love to be brushed. It’s one of the loving things they do for me that helps me to know they love me.

Do you have people in your life whom you love? I’ll bet you do. How do you show that love to them? Do you brush their hair? Do you make them dinner? Do you rub their tired feet when they get home? Do you give them a hug when they are down in the dumps?

Showing that you care is not hard at all. But it does take an awareness of how the other person is feeling. This is call empathy. And, it takes a true desire to make that person feel better. Those small, simple actions can mean the difference between a good marriage and a divorce. That’s how powerful they are! It’s the little day to day things that speak volumes to your friend or mate.

Every day I show Jane and Rhett how much I love them by staying close, wagging my tail, bringing them my tennis ball, and brushing up against them with a big smile on my face. I even took them dinner one night, but they made it very clear that they didn’t care for road kill rabbit. So, I gave it to the barn cat instead. Now she knows I care about her too, and she started bringing me dead mice to eat. Ick!!! I know she cares, but… Mice? ICK!!

Please don’t tell her that I don’t eat them. I just bury them in the yard where she won’t find them. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. She means well.

How do you show your family you love them? Do you give them mice for dinner? I hope not!

Love, Indy


  1. Kay Gallen-Kallela says

    I love the little stories. They are so filled with wisdom. It should be as easy for us humans to show unconditional love as it is for the animals. It doesn’t look
    that way when one looks around in the world.
    So it can, always, only get better!
    Thank you for the lovely messages!!

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