From Indy Issue 78

I ate the cat. Okay.. that’s not true, but there are times when I wish I could. She makes me so mad! We’ve called a truce, but I’m still upset. She said she would tell me where Lobby, my stuffed lobster, is hiding, if I promise to catch a rabbit for her. The problem is, I don’t actually catch the rabbits. I just chase them. I declined. Getting Lobby back is not worth having to hurt one of my bunny friends.

So… the cat said she would give me one last clue if I promise to bring her another dog biscuit. I agreed. I took a biscuit out to the barn and set it in front of her She purred the following clue:

“Roses are red, pine trees are green
Lobby is somewhere he can be seen…

Open a door and look down below
Careful a lobster might grab your toe…”

Where could this be? What do YOU think?

My new friends, Agents KK3 and KK4, Xena and Zoey, are going to come over and help search. They are “sight hounds,” of the Cirneco dell’Etna breed, from Sicily. I’d never met anyone like them before! They have really sharp eyes, so maybe they will see what I can’t.

I’ll let you know if we find Lobby!


Agent KK9, Indy

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