From Indy Issue 79

Wow! I got lots of email about Lobby! Thanks to your suggestions, I did find him! So many of you were close and a few of you were right on! Thanks for your help!

Jane and I found him in the truck! He could see the sky through the windshield but never felt the rain. He was in something metal, and I couldn’t open it without Jane’s help. But once she opened the door, there he was! The cat was watching us from a tree with a silly grin on her face. I do think she’s pleased that we followed her clues and found Lobby.

So, all is well. I worried and worried for nothing. How often does that happen to you? How much energy do we all waste worrying when all we have to do is trust that things will work out. Hmmmmm. I think I’ll go take a nap and ponder that. Lobby’s going with me though…I won’t let that goofy cat get him again!

Thanks for the help!

Love, Indy

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