From Indy Issue 80

I came in the house with my long tawny coat full of nasty burrs. Jane spent an hour pulling the prickly things out of my hair. It hurt sometimes, when she’d pull on just a few hairs, but I knew she was trying to help me so I gritted my teeth and tolerated it.

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do. Like go to the doctor or the dentist. Maybe, for you, it’s going to a job that’s not exactly fulfilling your dreams.

So what can you do to make an icky situation more tolerable?

I do my best to make dealing with discomfort a game. I find the top three best things about the situation, and then occupy my mind with finding a way to make those elements even better. Such as, when I have to go to the vet, I look for the most beautiful girl dog in the place, and make funny faces at her until she smiles. It’s a great game that takes my mind off the fact that I might be there to get a shot or some other unpleasantness.

While Jane was pulling burrs out of my coat, I stared out the window and imagined flying over the houses and the trees. I saw a big hawk flying around, and pretended I was on his back, searching for bunnies from the air with sharp, hawk eyes. It was a fun vision that took my mind of the sting of my hair getting pulled.

What do you do to help you tolerate uncomfortable situations? Do you have tools you know you can use, or do you make up solutions on the spot?

Love, Indy

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