Jane Savoie’s Happy Horse Tip #6-Improve Your Seat in the Canter

Happy Horse Tip #6-Improve Your Seat in the Canter

Think about how your seat moves when you’re cantering. Notice how your hip angles open and close. Start with your upper body on the vertical, and then open your hip angles and let your upper body rock a bit BEHIND the vertical. Then come back up to the vertical with shoulder over hip over heel.

Visualize arrows extending down from your seatbones. Whichever way those arrows are pointed, is the direction you’re sending the hind legs. If you lean forward and close your hip angles, you push the hind legs out the back door.

If your upper body is on the vertical and you rock behind the vertical, you open your hip angles. As a result the imaginary arrows extended down from your seatbones point forward. You’re saying to your horse’s hind legs, “Come along, come along, go with, go with.”


  1. Hi Jane,

    I’m a huge fan of your books and videos! I just started taking riding lesson this past August. While everyone keeps telling me I look great and have an amazing seat, I still have trouble sitting back at the canter. It seems whenever the horse speeds up, changes leads, or breaks into a trot, I instinctively lean forward. I know logically this is the worst thing to do. It just seems awkward retaining my balance while leaning back. The weird thing is that I can canter much better and maintain a more uright, balanced seat easier when I canter without stirrups.

    Any advice?

    Thank you!

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