From Moshi

I don’t remember my mom very much. I remember her being warm and snuggly, and very tall. I suppose I’m taller than she was, now, but I’ll always remember her towering over me. Her size and gentle strength made me feel safe. I never met my dad. I hear that I look a lot like him, though.

Are you like your mom and dad? Most people are. We learn so much when we’re little that who we are to become as adults is shaped before we’re even aware that we’re being programmed. It’s such a deep part of us that we rarely even see it.

Often, our best and our worst relationships are with members of our own family. The good news is, most of the time we find ways to resolve our issues. We can’t choose our families, so we are forced to deal with whatever comes up. The bad news is, we can’t choose our families, so we are forced to deal with those issues even when we don’t want to.

Do you have an unresolved issue with a family member? What would it take to get that resolved? Is one of you insisting on being “right” or having your own way? Could you let that go? Can you forgive whatever happened, no matter how terrible? I’ll bet you can.

Forgiveness is incredibly powerful. It can change your life. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to like or agree with what the other person did, it just means you’re willing to see beyond it. You’re willing to accept the person as who they are, even if you don’t care for their behavior.

Can you find the strength within yourself to see beyond the behavior?

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. And, you don’t even have to wrap it!

Say, your horse is waiting for you at the barn! I’m sure he’ll forgive you for being late, especially if you take a carrot along with you.

Love, Moshi

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