From Moshi

“Aha!” I love those moments. Don’t you? When you suddenly GET IT? It’s such a rush when everything comes together and really works for the first time.

How do you create more “Aha Moments”? When Jane is riding me, they come when both sides of my brain kick in, along with the muscle memory of the new movement. And that comes with both intellectual understanding and physical practice. It happens when the left side of my brain, where logic and linear thought resides; meshes with the right side, where emotion and artistry lives, and then shows up in my physical body as the execution of perfect movement. My whole being responds to everything coming together with an exciting and satisfying, “Aha!”

Learning to ride well doesn’t take good luck or exceptional talent. As the cowboys say, it just takes wet saddle blankets. In our case, it’s wet dressage pads. I learn something from Jane every time she rides me. And she learns from me too. Sometimes our progress is imperceptible, and sometimes it comes in huge Aha’s. But we only have forward progress when we actually put what we’ve intellectually learned into physical practice. And that takes commitment and work.

Have you put what you’ve recently learned into your practice? Have you had some Aha’s lately? Remember how it feels and look forward to creating that wonderful sensation again!

Now, get out to the barn! Your horse is waiting for you! Today just may be an “Aha” day!

Love, Moshi


  1. Kay Gallen-Kallela says

    I am so impressed with the teaching, it is clear, and knowledgeable. After working with horses for some 30 years I am, of course still learning, and to read it from the horses perspective is lovely and makes me also think twice about my own reactions I LOVE IT. Thank you !!!

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