From Moshi

My back was a bit achy this morning. While I was stretching, it dawned on me that I was not a youngster anymore. That was a bit depressing. For about an hour I moped around, realizing that I was getting older and was going to start going downhill soon. I became grumpy and snapped at Indy when he got close to my legs. I was not very nice to anyone all morning.

Then I realized that I was not following my own advice! I was concentrating on my minor aches and pains, and not thinking about how strong and fit I really am. I know if I give attention to my discomforts, they’re going to get louder and bigger. If I concentrate on how much muscle and stamina I’ve gained this season, then I will continue to “feed” my body with positive thoughts and energy!

When you check in and feel your own body, do you look for where it feels good, or where it feels bad? Most of us tend to look for the bad sensations, as a matter of habit. We search for the aches and the soreness. But, if you can make the effort to change your habits and always look for the BEST feeling in your body, you will change your energy and start feeling better and better! Even if you have a severe physical issue right now, you can help yourself immensely by giving your full attention to the places in your body that feel the BEST.

This afternoon when I was in my turnout, I decided to go for a fast run around the fence line and notice how good and strong my lungs felt as I deeply drew in life-giving oxygen. I snorted and pranced and acknowledged my incredible stamina. I felt young again! I remembered that age is much more about a state of mind that a state of matter.

How old are you in your mind? I don’t want to know how old the calendar says you are, I want to know how young your MIND says you are! I’ve decided I’m about four years old. I think I’ll stay here for a few years more.

Love, Moshi

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