From Moshi

I’ve heard Jane talk about how animals live in the present, but humans tend to live in the past and in the future. There are advantages to both ways of thinking, and disadvantages as well.

Having a clear memory of the past is why humans are able to learn so much more. Your species creates books and videos, passes stories down from generation to generation, and has entire institutions set up to teach what your predecessors have learned. Horses don’t do that. Our memories are more cellular. We learn some of our behavior from our mothers and our herd ates, but generally speaking, we don’t know that much more than our ancestors did.

Living in the moment has advantages, in that horses can react and adapt to the events at hand. We don’t worry too much about what’s going to appear around the bend, or fret about tomorrow’s horse show, or wonder if next week the barn is going to run out of hay. We are NOW.

When you’re doing something physical, being NOW is very important. If you’re riding your horse thinking that you might get bucked off because a horse bucked you off three years ago and hurt you, then you’re not NOW. You’re not going to be reacting to what is really going on in the present, you’re going to be reacting to the negative thoughts in your head.

If you find yourself dredging up the past and worrying about the future, stop for a moment and breathe. That’s right… just notice your breath going in and out of your lungs. Give your breathing your full attention. Think of nothing but the sensation of the air going in and out of your chest. That will bring you back to NOW. Give it a try, right now. Just breathe.

Jane has lots of techniques to help you learn to be in the Now. Would you like to hear more of them?

Love, Moshi

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