From Moshi

We’re all different. You know that already, right? I’m a cold blooded Friesian. My next-stall neighbor is a hot blooded Thoroughbred. We think differently, react to things differently, and like different things. Does that make one of us “wrong” and one of us “right”?

It’s a very basic instinct to be attracted to things that are like yourself. The old “birds of a feather, flock together…” idea. But many of us have advanced beyond such basic programming. Advanced beings learn to appreciate things that are different from what we’re used to.

This can be a very powerful thing when applied to working with horses. We get used to a certain way of doing things, of feeding, of training, etc, and don’t even notice that we’ve developed a habit that might benefit from a bit of tweaking. That’s why we read books, watch DVDs, hire a trainer… so we can learn from the collective knowledge of others.

Dressage riders tend to be very traditional. Sometimes new ways of doing things are frowned upon. But applying new technologies and scientific discoveries just might make dressage an even better, kinder sport for us horses. New ideas in hoof care, chiropractic, massage, new saddle fit techniques… All those things help make us horses more comfortable and better able to perform at our highest ability. Being open to new ideas and new information helps us stay on the cutting edge of our sport.

Are you open to new things? Are you willing to look at a problem or situation from a different angle? Are you willing to ask for help?

My suggestion is, if you have a situation you want to change but don’t know where to start, ask someone for help. No matter what it is, just ASK. Find someone you think might have the answer and let them know that you’re searching. Most people are happy to help if you simply take the time to ask.

Love, Moshi


  1. It is so important to be open-minded, and there is always someone who knows the answer or knows how to find the answer to our questions. A willingness to ask questions is a great asset! Thanks Moshi!

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