November Newsletter – Note From Jane

All I can say is WOW! Last month’s Art of Teaching-Shining a Light on Learning program completely surpassed my expectations.

Instructors and students from 5 countries blocked time out of their busy lives to travel to the beautiful United States Equestrian Team Headquarters in Gladstone, NJ for 4 days of total “dressage” immersion.

If you’ve ever been told dressage riders are stuffy and take themselves too seriously, check out some of the fun we had at this joyful, exhilarating, celebratory event. The horses, riders, and participants were amazing. I’m completely in awe of you guys!

If you think I’m kidding about “celebratory”, check out these videos!

…and just in case you think we’re too “posh” to be silly…

Stay Safe and Ride with a Smile!



  1. Denise Waszak says

    It was the best! I learned so much and had a great time in spite of Sandy!

  2. I was a little taken back one time when someone I met commented to me after we talked awhile that they were surprised, they heard dressage people were “stuffy”. We just concentrate more when we ride!

  3. Hi Jane,

    You are like a great wine. You just get better and better with time. You know I could not attend your Art of Teaching at USET last month but I was there in spirit. If you ever decide to hold another Art of Teaching, I will be there barring unforeseen circumstances.

    Love you.

    Mary Ann

  4. We missed you, Mary Ann! Kim Lee gave me your message.

  5. I was fortunate enough to attend the Art of Teaching and what these videos do not show is that it was going on during Hurricane Sandy! It did not slow the clinic down at all and Jane did an amazing job of keeping everyone (human and equine) focused. It was an amazing experience that has greatly benefited both my students and myself. I’d happily go through again anywhere and in any weather. Jane if you schedule another one, I’ll be there and would encourage anyone considering it to do the same!

  6. Melanie Voght says

    I was there as a demo rider (although not in these clips). It was super fun! Excellent job putting it all together and super flexibility when Hurricane Sandy altered who could show up!

    I was really impressed with how positive everyone was.

  7. Isabel Amigó says

    Unfortunatelly I live too far from you Jane. Anyhow, I always love to see your videos! Always learning, even lear to “smile”!!!
    Isabel (Spain)


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