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From Indy Issue 73

I have the most beautiful buff colored coat. It's soft and sleek in the summer, when I'm done shedding. Jane and Rhett like to brush me, making my silky hair shine. I love to be brushed. It's one of the loving things they do for me that helps me to know they love me. Do you have people in your life whom you love? I'll bet you do. How do you show … Read More >

From Moshi Issue 73

Black and white. Yes and no. Up and down. Sickness and health. Positive and negative.... We live in a world of contrast. It's the duality of Nature that makes up our physical world. Without that contrast, we wouldn't be able to perceive. It's in knowing dark that we can recognize light. It's in being able to experience silence that we can hear … Read More >

From Moshi Issue 72

Words have power. They have energy. They create a state of being in our minds. Horses don't use words, but we understand the energy behind what you say. You've probably heard the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." I say, the wounds from a stick or stone will probably heal, but the damage caused by the … Read More >

From Indy Issue 72

The big gray barn cat got in my face today. She told me I was a brat. She swatted at my nose and scratched me bloody! I can't believe she did that! I was just trying to get her to run so I could chase her, like I do the bunnies. But no.. she said she is much too mature for my silly games. Silly games! My games aren't silly! I'm very serious … Read More >