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From Moshi

So much time is spent doing things we don't want to do, that we sometimes lose sight of why we do those things. But for those of us who work for a living, those activities are the price we have to pay to be able to do the things that fill our souls. If you are irritated that you had to go to work today, just think about the payoff you receive by … Read More >

From Moshi

Dressage riders tend to be perfectionists. I've noticed that dressage riders are often very tough on themselves if things aren't exactly right. What if your ride today was just a tiny bit better than it was yesterday? Would that be enough? Jane tells people to invent reasons to celebrate. She knows that those "little bit betters" very quickly … Read More >

From Indy

Going for a walk with Jane is one of my favorite things to do. We can walk for miles, just looking at new things and taking in the interesting smells. Jane likes to think when we walk. She comes up with some of her best ideas for her books and DVDs while quietly strolling down the long paths around where we live. Walking is a great way to … Read More >

From Moshi

Horses think in pictures. Jane says that all super-achievers have developed the ability to clearly see what they want, in great detail, before they actually achieve it. I found learning the tempi changes very difficult. But Jane pictured what she wanted very clearly, and then I pictured what she wanted me to do very clearly, and we got it! Now I … Read More >