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The Free Walk

Free Walk

What is the free walk? The free walk is a gait of relaxation. What should it look like? * Your horse should lengthen his frame and lower his head and neck so he looks like he’s going to graze. His poll is lower than his withers. * He should open the angle at his throatlatch so his nose points a bit forward, and he looks like he’s … Read More >

Keep Fear in Perspective

Recognize that fear is future thinking. So you can learn how to manage your fear by staying in the moment. To bring yourself back to the present moment, involve as many of your five senses as you can. Hear the rhythm of your horse’s footfalls. Look at the trees outside your ring. Feel the texture of the reins. Smell the fly spray. And taste your … Read More >

From Indy

I found it! I found the ball I left in Florida last year! I had lost it in the deep grass right before we left for Vermont, and now I have it back! I've been worrying about it all summer long, wondering if another dog or an alligator found it and ate it. But no... it was right there, where I'd been visualizing myself finding it! Do you ever … Read More >

From Moshi

I'm a dreamer. People say I look "dreamy," but that's not what I'm talking about. I dream about things. I imagine winning a gold medal in the Olympics. I dream about sugar cubes in my food every morning. I dream about being massaged by Jane after a long ride. Okay... I realize I'm probably not going to the Olympics, but that doesn't mean I can't … Read More >