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From Moshi Issue 82

I had trouble sleeping last night. I'm about to start the new show season, and I started fretting about being ready. Now that I'm showing at Grand Prix, I'm worried that I won't be able to keep up with the up and coming younger horses. Then I realized that I had put my negative musings into a future that's not here yet. I always pride myself at … Read More >

From Indy Issue 82

I love to wrestle. It's so much fun. I love to play with my dog friends, but I especially love to wrestle with Jane. I'm very careful with my teeth, because I know they can hurt her. Friends don't hurt friends. At least, not on purpose. Have you ever been hurt by a friend? It's so much more painful than being hurt by a stranger. That's … Read More >

From Moshi Issue 81

There's a whole lot that goes on in this world that we never hear about. Some of it is bad, but a lot of it is good. If you could measure the bad against the good, you'd find that the good stuff far outweighs the bad stuff. How do I know? As a horse, I'm very connected to the energy of the planet. I can feel what's going on because I am totally … Read More >

From Indy Issue 81

I'm so excited to get to visit my friends back in Florida! It's been a long summer without them. The cat isn't nearly as much fun as my Florida barn friends! Besides, in Florida, we have a POOL! Do you like to swim? I love it. It's terrific exercise. Some of my friends were afraid of the water, but we helped them get over it. Dogs are natural … Read More >