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Jane Savoie Video Newsletter (The third ingredient of the training scale–Contact)

This month we're going to look at one aspect of the third ingredient of the training scale--Contact. You'll learn how to offer your horse an inviting contact so you can then put him on the bit (connection). Next month we'll look at connection. … Read More >

From Moshi

I don't remember my mom very much. I remember her being warm and snuggly, and very tall. I suppose I'm taller than she was, now, but I'll always remember her towering over me. Her size and gentle strength made me feel safe. I never met my dad. I hear that I look a lot like him, though. Are you like your mom and dad? Most people are. We learn so … Read More >

From Indy

The barn's big gray cat told me a fascinating story today. He said he heard it from a little bird, who assured him that the story is absolutely true. It seems one day the bird was sitting in a tree when two tiny angels landed on a nearby branch to watch what was going on with a couple of people arguing under the tree. The angels were very young … Read More >

From Indy

I love to ride in the car. Sometimes Rhett will roll the window down just an inch or so I can stick my nose out and smell all the amazing smells we pass. It's an adventure of the nose! I don't always recognize what I'm smelling, but I can get a sense of what passes through my nostrils just from the tang or particular intensity of the odor. Some … Read More >