Step-by-Step Dressage: Shining a Light on Learning

aot-img01Step-by-Step Dressage is not only an easy to follow guide all by itself, but it’s also the perfect complement to the Happy Horse program because you get to watch horses and riders dealing with common training problems in “real-time”.

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Program Your Position

PYPDVD_1We’ll show you how to reprogram the software in your mental computer so you can correct your position quickly and easily.

As you might know, Ruth Hogan-Poulsen and I have produced a lot of educational products over the years.

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Happy Horse Guide + Solutions

happy-horseThree time olympic coach, Jane Savoie, puts and end to your frustrations by revealing her secrets for training a happy horse and offering simple solutions to every day training questions!

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Freedom From Fear

101_tipsHow to finally cope with the terror of being out of control, falling off, or even breaking your neck when you hit the ground – in just a few minutes a day…

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The Confident Competitor

confidentcompetitorThe Confident Competitor program addresses both the sports psychology and riding issues that amateurs and professionals struggle with when competing.

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