Put Your Horse On The Bit


To put your horse on the bit, use what I call the “connecting aids”.

The “connecting aids” are a combination of three ingredients that you’ll maintain for about three seconds—the length of time it takes you to inhale and exhale:

Those three ingredients are the:

. Driving aids
. Bending aids
. Rein of opposition

The driving aids consist of your seat and your two legs because any of those aids drive your horse forward.

The bending aids consist of your inside rein which asks the horse to look in the direction he’s going, your inside leg on the girth, and your outside leg behind the girth. Each of those aids contributes to bend.

The rein of opposition is the outside rein. It’s called the rein of opposition because it opposes too much speed from the driving aids and too much bend from the bending aids.

When you marry those three ingredients–driving aids, bending aids and rein of opposition for about three seconds, you give the aids to put your horse on the bit—the “connecting aids”.

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